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The Division of Natural Science and Engineering invites the campus community to attend several afternoon events planned in celebration of Earth Day, April 22, 2013.

From Primates to Preserves
3 p.m., Tukey Theatre
Breanne Kirsch, reference librarian, will discuss how her field research contributed to establishing a new wildlife preserve in Kenya

Downsizing Your Home
4 p.m., Tukey Theatre
Could you live in 120 square feet? Join Laura LaVoie and Matt Belitsos as they share how they live in a house that is the size of most bedrooms. A preview can be found on their website.

Planning For Our Future: From Endangered Species to Farmland Conservation
5 p.m., Tukey Theatre
Angel Hjarding (an alum who is a Ph.D. student in Charlotte) has done the research determining if a species needs to be red-listed for protection.

For more information, contact Sarah Campbell, (864) 503-5716 or

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