Anderson Selected To Exhibit Research In Switzerland

April 19, 2010 at 5:35 am

Focusing on small occurrences such as a memory rings from a raindrop in a puddle of water or a single leaf fluttering in the wind, Lisa Anderson has compiled a multi-media exhibit that includes intimate depictions and visual stories informed by science and her perception. Anderson’s body of work entitled, Occurrences: an examination of phenomena in nature has been selected for exhibition May 21–June 5 at Le Jardin Botanique, located on the campus of the University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland.

Her body of work celebrates occurrences in the natural world and promotes global awareness by highlighting natural phenomena and the exploration of its processes and origins. Handmade paper, commercial papers, photography, pastels, pencils, wood, fabric, glass, and other natural and plant materials are combined and collectively designed into two and three-dimensional works.

“With the ever-increasing global awareness of the fragility of our planet, my goal is to signify and present the natural world as a kind of gift, not as a resource to be used and forgotten,” said Anderson.

Anderson, who is an associate professor of art and graphic design at the University of South Carolina Upstate, will travel to Switzerland to install the exhibit, lecture at the opening, and make valuable contacts with area artists, galleries, museums, University of Fribourg students and faculty, as well as those from nearby educational institutions.

“The creation of this body of work, the significance of an international exhibit and lecture, and the practical experience of installation which includes interactions with gallery directors, faculty, and students will certainly support my artistic endeavors and translate into the classroom, providing my students additional insight into this aspect of a visual art career. I look forward to gaining new perspectives and learning opportunities from this experience,” says Anderson.

Following the exhibition at the University of Fribourg, Anderson plans to travel to Lausanne, Switzerland to visit with the University of Art and Design Lausanne ECAL where she hopes to establish a new international collaborative.

Anderson says, “I plan to explore the possibilities of student and/or faculty exchange, joint workshops and/or projects, joint exhibitions either physical or virtual, and the reciprocal participation of teaching staff in diploma examination boards. It would be an incredible opportunity to have their faculty review our students’ portfolios and visa versa. I would love to bring the Swiss design aesthetic to our students and perhaps ‘shake’ them up with ours”

Anderson received her bachelor’s degree from Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho and her MFA degree from the University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho in 2000. She has been a faculty member at USC Upstate for 10 years.

For more information, contact Anderson, associate professor of art and graphic design at USC Upstate, at (864) 503-5829 or