Shoestring Players Performance Of “The Full Monty” Timely In Light Of Tough Economic Times

April 9, 2010 at 8:55 am

The Shoestring Players at the University of South Carolina Upstate will perform The Full Monty on April 15-17 at 8:00 p.m. and on April 18 at 3:00 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center Theatre.

“In light of today’s tough economic times and high unemployment rates, I cannot think of a more relevant play to bring to the stage,” said Jimm Cox, chair of fine arts and communication studies and director of theatre at USC Upstate. “It speaks to the struggles men and women in our very own community are facing in providing for their families.”

Adapted from the screenplay by four-time Tony Award winning Terrence McNally and with an award- winning score by David Yazbek, The Full Monty is a poignant and lively story that captivated Broadway audiences and critics alike. It tells the story of six unemployed, out of shape steel mill workers from Buffalo, New York, who need to pick up some extra cash. After seeing the popularity of a male stripper among the local women, the men decide to put on a strip show of their own. Their gimmick is simple: they will do the full Monty – strip completely naked on stage. This plan forces the men to come to terms with their own fears of inadequacy, both physically and as providers for their families.

Cast members include: Sean Archer as Jerry Lukowski, Greyson Turner as Nathan Lukowski, Kasie Granner as Pam Lukowski, Joel Anderson as Teddy Slaughter, Conrad Bromberek as Dave Butansky, Amanda Frierson as Georgie Bukatinsky, Benjamin Sickles as Harold Nichols, Ashley McFadden as Vicki Nichols, Mark Monaghan as Malcolm Macgregor, Betty Koester as Molly Macgregor, Cory Granner as Ethan Girard, Carlton Brock as Noah (Horse) Simmons, Joy Finch as Jeanette Burmeister, Perrish Goggins as Buddy (Keno) Walsh, Chandler Crawford as Reg Willoughby, Daniel Gorski as Tony Giordano, Courtney Campbell as Estelle Genovese, Megan Wirth as Susan Hershey, and Felicia Glidden as Joanie Lish. Playing Men’s Swing are: Mason Manna, Patric Phillips, Sha’Rone Scott, and Nic Everett. Playing Women’s Swing are: Jessica Semo, Ashley Wilson, Leah James, and Julia LeJeune.

For additional information, contact Jimm Cox, chair of fine arts and communication studies and director of theatre at USC Upstate, at (864) 503-5697 or

To purchase tickets, call the USC Upstate Box Office, Monday-Friday from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. at (864) 503-5695. Ticket prices are $5 for staff and students and $7 for general public. Due to the nature of the content, this production is recommended for mature audiences only.