Faculty Reminded to Utilize Extended/Excessive Absence Report

September 3, 2010 at 12:49 pm

Extended/Excessive Absence Report is now active.  Faculty access the program by using the following link: http://webapp.uscupstate.edu/eip/   This link is also available on the Academic Support Center website (look for the link for faculty).  Use your normal campus username and password to get past the security wall.

Please report students who:

1)     Have never attended class but are currently listed on your roll (check VIP for updated class roll)
2)     Have attended before but have been absent for an extended period of time
3)     Have sporadic but excessive absences 

Continue report on students each week if they continue to be absent.  Frequent contacts to them might encourage them to follow-up sooner.  This Extended/Excessive Absence Report, is for ALL COURSES (100 level – graduate courses). The Academic Support Center will pull the names each Friday and contact these students. More detailed instructions are available when you login to the link above.  If you have questions,  please contact Susannah Waldrop, Academic Support Center Director,  at swaldrop@uscupstate.edu or ext. 5414.