Cronin Elected to Serve as President of SCAAE

March 7, 2011 at 3:46 pm

John Cronin (instructor of accounting, Johnson College)  has been elected president of the South Carolina Association of Accounting Educators (SCAAE). The Association is comprised of accounting educators from across the state, working at both two and four year institutions. In his capacity as president, Cronin is responsible for coordinating the 2012 annual meeting of this organization. 
     Mr. Cronin joined the faculty in 2006 as an adjunct instructor and in 2008 became a full-time Instructor of Accounting. Mr. Cronin earned an MBA in Accounting from the University of Maryland. Before coming to USC Upstate, Mr. Cronin served as a senior partner with Cronin, Jackson, Nixon & Wilson, Certified Public Accountants in Clearwater, Florida.