Howard Finishes in Top Place In Landscaping Course

March 25, 2011 at 3:49 pm

On March 22, 2011, Stephen Howard, landscape services technician with USC Upstate, was named the top finisher in the Landscape Services Department’s eight-week horticulture class taught by Keith Campbell, grounds maintenance technician. He finished the course with 128 points, followed closely by second place finishers Darrell Burns and Chris Weidensee who earned 127 points respectively.

Campbell structured the program as a professional development course, and covered various topics related to issues the department faces in their daily maintenance of campus horticulture. Topics included:

– Landscape maintenance vs. landscape management;
– Pruning: the rights and wrongs;
– Fire ants:  the history of and how to deal with them;
– Weather: basics of weather and its relation to horticulture;
– Plant disease: common diseases to our area and their remedy;
– Weeds: common weeds in our area and how to deal with them;
– Safety: small but dangerous; and
– The little things: what it takes to create a professional landscape.

The entire landscaping staff of 14 technicians took part in the course which also included weekly challenges to locate certain species of trees, insects and grasses across campus.

Stephen Howard (center) is pictured with Bruce Suddeth (left) and Keith Campbell (right) at the awards presentation. Howard was presented a cash prize and a restaurant certificate. Howard has been with the Landscaping Department for five years and is primarily responsible for maintaining the landscaping of the Susan Jacobs Arboretum.