SC Attorney General: Avoiding Investment Fraud Seminar

March 7, 2011 at 2:41 pm

The office of the South Carolina Attorney General will present a seminar titled “Avoiding Investment Fraud” on Wednesday, March 30, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm in the Campus Life Center Ballroom.

The Securities Division of the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office will offer a presentation on avoiding investment scams and financial fraud. The presentation will cover frequently recurring signs of fraud in investment offers, common types of scams (ponzis, pyramid schemes, etc) and steps individuals can take to protect themselves and their loved ones from becoming victims. The presentation is free and open to the public, and is funded by a grant from the Investor Protection Trust (IPT). www.investorpro​

According to Traynham, this topic is relevant to everyone because we can all be targets, and we all have loved ones who might be more vulnerable to this kind of fraud, whether it’s friends, parents, or grandparents. Traynham says business, psychology, and criminal justice students might gain some insight from the discussion. Business students have likely studied a little about securities, corporations, and how the market is supposed to work – it would be worth exploring how things can go wrong in investing. Psychology students and criminal justice students would both benefit from talking about how con artists operate, and how the bring in victims.  

For further information, contact:
Michael S. Traynham
Assistant Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
State of South Carolina
P.O. Box 11549
Columbia, SC 29211
(803) 734-4731
(803) 734-3677 (Fax)