Angelica Figueroa, Jocelyn Kuh, and Liz Guerrero Lead Upstate's SOMBRAS Program

October 14, 2011 at 4:04 pm

The first annual SOMBRAS Program, hosted by the Office of Admissions, proved to be a great success this last spring.   The word “sombras” is a Spanish term for “shadows.”  The SOMBRAS Program is an opportunity for leading Upstate Hispanic students to invite a friend who is interested in ‘shadowing’ them for a day at USC Upstate.  Last spring the guest high school students were able to attend classes and experience a ‘day in the life of an Upstate student’ with their friend.  Our students are the best advertisement for Upstate’s quality and success. 

We want to recognize three of our Upstate hosts:  Angelica Figueroa, Jocelyn Kuh, and Liz Guerrero who were able to encourage their friends to attend USC Upstate for the fall of 2011.  We want to thank Angelica, Jocelyn, and Liz for being proud of Upstate and making a difference on campus in so many ways.  We also, want to thank each of you who participated in this year’s SOMBRAS Program.  It proves that everyone on campus can have an impact on bringing quality students to Upstate.