R. Fulbright Selected Top 10 Finalist in Perfect Pitch Program

October 28, 2011 at 4:45 pm

The Perfect Pitch program has announced that one of Dr. Ron Fulbright’s innovative ideas has been selected as a top-ten finalist in this year’s competition. Dr. Fulbright will “pitch” his new invention and business idea at a day-long event on November 10, 2011 in Charleston which will ultimately crown the grand-prize winner of the competition. First-place winners of each category will also be announced. The event will feature presentations and Shark Tank-style grilling by a panel of judges in which the candidate’s ideas and presentation will be challenged on stage.

“The final event is designed to be exciting, entertaining and educational. Somewhere between Shark Tank and American Idol lies Perfect Pitch,” said Laura Williams, Small Business director for the Charleston Chamber of Commerce, the sponsor of the competition. $1,000 will be awarded to the winners of each category with $5,000 being awarded to the grand prize winner. 

Dr. Fulbright has competed in the predecessor to this competition, the New Ideas for a New Carolina program, for the last six years winning the grand prize in 2008, four first-place category awards, and a number of second-place awards. Dr. Fulbright’s idea this year is a novel low-cost snowplow-proof roadway reflector that could save state and local governments, particularly in warmer climates, millions of dollars each year.

“Every year, snow plows come along and rip the reflectors off of the road or damage them in some way.” explains Dr. Fulbright, “Replacing the millions of damaged reflectors cost many millions of dollars every year. The snowplow-proof reflectors currently on the market cost too much to be purchased as replacements. My invention, called the Reflecticle, is a new design, different from the hard molded plastic and metallic body now used, that can be mass produced at a low cost.”

Fulbright is the chair of the Department of Informatics.