Cast Your Vote for SGA Executive Officers

March 26, 2012 at 9:00 am

Cast your vote for USC Upstate’s 2012-2013 Student Government Association Executive Officers!

Polls open at 9:00 a.m. on Monday, March 26.


Jim Heenehan
Junior Political Science Major
Spartanburg SC

Platform: I have a very simple, straightforward platform, Service to my fellow students through representation and advocacy. I have a great deal of experience as an advocate for others. Prior to transferring to USC Upstate, I was the President of Student Government at Spartanburg Community College for two years. In that time I worked diligently to address student concerns with the administration, and rewrote the SGA constitution. I also worked in student activities for one of those years, and learned a great deal about the way institutions of higher learning operate. Before I moved to this area, I was a union electrician for eighteen years. I was a union official for 3 years. In that time I represented over one thousand working men and women on the job, insuring job safety, collective bargaining adherence, and on-the-job negotiations among other trades and general contractors. The communication skills I learned from those real world experiences will serve my fellow students in advocating for them with the administration here at Upstate. The communication between students and Chancellor Moore’s administration has been very good due to the hard work of the outgoing executives of the student senate. It will be my goal to deepen this vital relationship.

It will be my goal to partner with the University in advocating for funding equity from the state. Right now, The Citadel receives ten times the amount of state funding that USC Upstate receives. Are we as students at Upstate worth only one tenth of a student at the Citadel? Clearly the answer is a resounding no. In order to make this case however, we need to press the University for funding equity here on campus as well. We cannot complain to the state about unequal treatment if we are not treating Upstate students equally. Our professional schools have wonderful new facilities, and I view this as positive, but it is difficult to celebrate to long when confronted with the gross inadequacies of the facilities that the History, Political Science, Philosophy, and Religion departments are forced to use, just as an example. Anyone who has ever had a class on the second floor of the Library building, or had to meet with one of their professors in a closet-sized office in the media building would, I believe, readily agree. Fixing these deficiencies will be a long process, but what I promise to you, my fellow students, is that I will never shrink from the responsibility of making sure that the administration hears your voice on these issues.

I view the office of President of SGA as a service position, and I will, with your support, not falter in my responsibility to those I serve.


Daniel Francis
Junior Psychology Major
Six Mile, SC

Platform: My main goal as SGA president will be to make easier, the lives of the students. I will accomplish this by having open communication with IT. This will facilitate the fixing of technological issues around campus that impact student’s lives on a daily basis. I also support open communication between students and SGA. If a student has a problem on campus, I want them to feel comfortable coming to us for help. There are many issues that a college campus hosts, and my goal as president is to solve as many of them as possible.


Vice President

Bailey Thomas
Junior Psychology Major
Powdersville, SC

Platform: If elected as SGA Vice President, I would like to strive for enhancing and building upon the newly established childhood advocacy program here at Upstate in order to begin helping the young ones on our community so we can help to build our future for ourselves and others.



Moriah Johnson
Sophomore Biology Major
Columbia, SC

Platform: Hi, my name is Moriah Johnson and I am currently a second semester freshman here at the University of South Carolina Upstate. I am currently majoring in Biology. I am running to be the treasure of SGA for the 2012-2013 term. I plan to work with my fellow class mates to improve our upstate campus. I am willing to be able to interact with the higher representatives of this University with any situation that approaches my path. I plan to assist the SGA President, Vice-President, and secretary with any situation that comes to our table. I will keep the total of any and every purchase that we make on record. I will make note of the savings, withdrawals and the deposits of SGA’s account. This school has a wide variety of diversity throughout the campus. That is an advantage to the SGA with bringing people together from many different ethnic groups under one accord. I plan to bring a positive voice to the table and exemplify leadership on this association. I have not had the opportunity to be a part of a government in the previous years of my life, but I am determined to show that I am the best for this job and demonstrate good characteristics.



Alexander Dukes
Sophomore Criminal Justice Major
Pickens, SC

Platform: As the secretary of SGA my door will always be open to students, faculty, and administrators to address concerns and answer questions in an effort to maintain open communication and dialogue between these three parties. My goal is to work with the other executive board offices to speak on the students behalf instead of speaking for them.  As your student government secretary I would to aid the president in assuring that the college experience is relevant for ALL students at USC Upstate.  I believe that having individuals with different perspectives working together results in a better representation of our campus which in itself is diverse.

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