USC Upstate to Lease More Space at University Center of Greenville

May 15, 2012 at 4:30 pm

By Liz Segrist
Published May 15, 2012
Reprinted from GSA Business

The University of South Carolina Upstate plans to lease more space in the University Center of Greenville and continue its search of a future Greenville site for when it reaches capacity at the center.

USC Upstate received unanimous Greenville City Council approval March 19 of a resolution enabling them to locate an educational facility in the city.

Once capacity is reached at the University Center of Greenville, or UCG, USC Upstate Chancellor Tom Moore said the university will then look for an additional site in Greenville, most likely in the downtown area.

“We don’t expect the UCG to meet the demand forever. We will continue to expand at UCG right now. At some point, we will need additional space,” Moore said. “We think we can grow for the next year or two or three at the University Center and create a revenue stream that will help us with establishing a different site in Greenville.”

The time table is fluid for finding a Greenville site. It is contingent on when capacity is reached and the ability to generate revenue for an additional space. A specific site or facility has not been decided on at this time. The university will continue to monitor the market.

The university is considering a site off Mayberry Street near the Kroc Center in West Greenville. The city owns approximately 5.5 acres there and plans to buy another adjacent six acres, owned by the city’s water authorities.

The Mayberry Street site would need a lot of work prior to the university moving there, if it chooses to do so. The city’s Public Works Department would have to relocate and there’s not a current building there that could meet the university’s needs.

“I’m convinced that we under serving the population in Greenville that needs accessible, affordable higher education degree completion and we will work to better meet those needs and grow as much as we can, as fast as we can,” Moore said.

The university wants to pace its growth with providing faculty, programs and services, but is confident it can grow significantly at the University Center of Greenville.

USC Upstate has held classes in the University Center of Greenville for 25 years. Moore said UCG has been very supportive of expanding the university’s capacity.

About 40% of the University Center’s study body and activity comes from USC Upstate, center CEO Fred Baus said. The center serves about 1,800 students total.

“During the two- to three-year period of development of the (USC Upstate) Greenville site, we will be working to do everything we can to accommodate growth here at the University Center,” Baus previously said, including growth plans for USC Upstate at the center and recruiting other universities there.

Moore said he is aware of some of the sensitivities surrounding the Greenville site and said that the main Spartanburg campus of USC Upstate will remain as it is and continue to grow. No plans have ever been made to change the main campus.

“Our mission is to serve the Upstate of South Carolina,” Moore said. “In Greenville, there are a large number of people with some college, many with associate’s degrees, whose careers could advance and they could have more opportunities with a baccalaureate degree.”