USC Upstate’s Office of Alcohol and Drug Programs Announces “Know the Signs” Campaign

July 30, 2012 at 2:39 pm

The University of South Carolina Upstate wants its incoming freshmen students to be aware of alcohol or drug related issues. The Office of  Alcohol and Drug Programs unveiled the “Know the Signs” campaign at the 2012 New Student Orientation in an effort to remind students about the dangers associated with alcohol and drug use and to assist them in recognizing when to ask for help for themselves or someone else.

“Some of the signs students will learn as a result of the “Know the Signs” campaign include alcohol poisoning, alcohol abuse, substance use, impaired driving, blackouts, and ability to consent,” said Jules Auerbach, coordinator of the Alcohol and Drug Program. “By knowing the signs of dangerous issues students can be aware when they or someone else may be in serious trouble.  Knowing what to do in these situations can possibly save a life.”

The Office of Alcohol and Drug Programs offers many resources for USC Upstate students, many at no cost. These services include counseling for alcohol and drugs, as well as related mental health issues, group and family counseling, alcohol skills training seminars, chemical dependency evaluations and alcohol /drug screenings, educational seminars, and a wide variety of campus events.

For more information, please contact Jules Auerbach, coordinator of Alcohol and Drug Programs at USC Upstate, at 864-503-5536.  Additional information may be obtained by visiting