Book Discussion Dates Announced for PREFACE 2012-2013

August 19, 2012 at 10:35 am

As part of the yearlong freshman focus on the book, “Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior,” the Department of Languages, Literature, and Composition will host a series of discussions and activities relevant to topics in the book. The entire campus community is welcome to read the book (available at the Bookstore) and join in the conversations.

Fall 2012

August, 28, 6-7 pm. CLC Ballroom
Chuck Reback, “Money matters: How we manage our money and why.”

September 6, 6-7 pm. CLC Ballroom
Andrew Beer, “In the face of the unknown: A look at how we perceive people we don’t know.”

September 13, 6-7 pm. CLC Ballroom
Katharine Gibbs, “Our life in their hands: How health care professionals make critical decisions.”

September 20, 6-7 pm. CLC Ballroom
Frances Jarratt-Hortis, “Breaking up is hard to do: A closer look at intimate relationships.”

October 8, 7-8 p.m. CLC Ballroom
Rom  Brafman, “Key Note Address.”

October 25, 6-7 p.m. CLC Ballroom
Allison Pingley and Trevor Rubenzer, “Swaying the voters:  How political elections are decided abroad and at home.”

November 5, 6-7 p.m. CLC Ballroom
Mark Ritter, “I saw daddy spit on the umpire: An umpire discusses sport fans’ behavior.”

Spring 2013

January 23, 6-7 pm. CLC Ballroom
Lizabeth Zack, “Crazy or Committed?: Explaining suicide bombings, hunger strikes, and setting yourself on fire.”

January 31, 6-7 pm. CLC Ballroom
Louisa Ericson and Oliver Triettenwein, “Head games: A talk about athletes and how they cope with the pressure of competition.”

February 7, 6-7 pm. CLC
Lisa Johnson and Peter Caster, “Throwing like a girl, catching like a boy: A talk about men, women, and how they’re expected to behave.”

February 19, 6-7 pm. CLC Ballroom
Susan Davis, “Under the sway of the inexplicable: A look at our relationship with music.”

March 7, 6-7 pm. CLC Ballroom
An international students panel. “Making the strange familiar: A discussion of cultural shock and the aftermath.”

March 26, 6-7 pm. CLC Ballroom
Shanon Polchow and Araceli Hernandez. “There’s this funny saying: What other languages tell us about human behavior.”

April 9, 6-7 pm. CLC Ballroom
David Damrel. “Why do we believe the unbelievable?: A discussion of how different religions deal with the inexplicable.”