Student-Veteran Group Forming

October 31, 2012 at 2:23 pm

There is now officially a new organization on campus designed for veterans and those who support them.  This organization has no membership fees yet and is open to all in support of veterans and their families.  If you support veterans, we are trying to arrange a Veteran’s Day dinner on November 10 in CLC room 310. This will be our first official meeting and first social gathering of members.

To all supporters and dependents, you will comprise the honorary membership.  The only draw-back is that you will not be able to officially vote.  However, your voice will be heard!  You will be allowed to professionally speak your mind and let your feelings speak at meetings about events, elections, and other items.  As this is a new organization, you will have an integral part in shaping its future. Please help this organization grow to be the best on campus.

Updates will follow as more information comes available or as updated.  If you would like to support this group, please email

About membership fees:  As we won’t have funding until next year, something that will be discussed and voted on at the Veteran’s Day dinner will be the application of fees.  If the organization wishes to have shirts and other items made, among options are fees that can be used to pay for these item(s).  These are just some options that will be put on the table and other ideas are always welcome.  Options create choice and choice is always better.