Could you live on $1.46 per meal?

February 12, 2013 at 2:10 pm

Imagine this scenario: You and your family have been homeless for the past two months. You have finally found a minimum wage job that allows you to afford a two-bedroom apartment, but you have to work more than 70 hours per week. Once rent, utilities and other bills are factored in, you do not have any money left for food. But, you qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. You receive monthly benefits of $131.38 per person in your household. This breaks down to $30.66 per person per week or about $1.46 a meal.

Could you feed yourself or your family on these benefits? Give the SNAP Food Challenge a try.  By taking the SNAP Food Challenge and participating in the activities from Feb. 20-26, the USC Upstate community will have the opportunity to delve deeper into the discussion about and impact of living on a limited food budget.

Participants in the challenge will have to make strategic meal choices between healthy and fulfilling foods and will deal with some of the struggles individuals and families face every day when living on a low-income food budget. Students, faculty, and staff can also educate themselves about the SNAP program and food insecurities by attending one of the several programs offered during the week.

The registration deadline for the challenge is Thurs. Feb. 14 at 12 p.m. Registration information is available online.  Contact Kara Ferguson in Student Life for more information at (864) 503-5122 or