USC Upstate to begin offering a master of science in informatics in fall 2013

February 6, 2013 at 11:21 am

The University of South Carolina Upstate will offer a master’s of science degree in informatics beginning in fall 2013.

Two tracks of study will be available to students: Health Information Management and Information Resource Management. Students who complete this program will be able to envision and plan information management systems, solutions, structures, and processes, insure legal and regulatory compliance, and utilize information management resources to analyze and transform information into knowledge creating competitive advantage for the business or organization.

“Offering this master’s degree is in direct response to industry demand based in the Carolinas and Georgia,” said Dr. Ron Fulbright, chair of the department of informatics at USC Upstate. “Hundreds to thousands of new jobs will become available over the next five years, all requiring advanced degrees such as the master’s of science degree in informatics. “The mission of the Department of Informatics at USC Upstate is to prepare professionals with a multi-disciplinary education rich in information technology, information management, business, and communication— skills the information resource management job market is looking for in today’s graduates.”

Informatics is the study of information systems and information processing, including the social impacts of information technology in a particular domain. All aspects of business and life in general, have become increasingly dependent on information technology (IT) and electronic processing of information during the past 30 years.

“IT and information management have become the lifeblood of organizations and affect almost every job. Many employees today are information workers (even if their job title does not officially reflect the role) whose daily job duties require the usage of an array of information and communication technologies as well as information management and processing practices, procedures, and methodologies. The design, procurement, implementation, maintenance, and evolution of information-based resources are collectively known as information resource management.”

The master’s of science degree in informatics program is designed to appeal to the working professional with most classes being offered online or taught in the evening. For admission criteria and more information, visit the Informatics Program website or contact Dr. Ron Fulbright at (864) 503-5432 or .