It’s more fun than run…Like, totally! New ‘Run Back To The ‘80s’ 5K series comes to Spartanburg

March 1, 2013 at 8:00 am

Taking you back to a time of leg warmers, hair bands, parachute pants and pop culture to the max, a new 5K series that celebrates the outrageous and totally awesome 1980s is coming to Spartanburg on April 13, 2013

With a fresh take on the standard 5K, Run Back To The ‘80s encourages participants to either run, walk or flashdance through the course collecting totally awesome ‘80s souvenirs at the four “chill stations” along the way.  Then at the finish, there’s a rad ‘80s party with pumping music, trivia contests and an awards ceremony naming the king and queen with the most excellent ‘80s costume.

What may be the hardest part of the whole 5K is deciding what to wear.  Participants are asked to choose  a look and then register for a spot in one of seven start waves that call to mind the music, fashion and fads of the time.  The themed start waves range from the ‘80s fitness craze (think Olivia Newton John) to ‘80s pop icons to hair bands to ‘80s movies and tv characters.  Plus, there’s an ‘anything goes’ wave at the back for those who may have strollers to push or rollerskates to use.

All is meant in jest to commemorate one of the most iconic and over the top decades of our time. No matter whether you lived the ‘80s first or secondhand, friends and family of all ages will have a totally tubular experience.  There’s even a registration discount for teams and groups.

“Our goal is to lighten the mood and get back to fitness events that first and foremost are a lot of fun,” said Norm Pingley, one of the organizers who hails from Spartanburg. “Everyone can have a rockin’ good time at Run Back To The ‘80s.”

Prior to developing this event concept, the organizers had spent more than 10 years producing triathlons, large scale bike races and marathons.  Run Back To The ‘80s, in its inaugural year, will host events in five U.S. cities this year with plans to more than double that number next year.

At each event a portion of the proceeds will go to a local non-profit partner.  In Spartanburg, the recipient is the University of South Carolina Upstate Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.

To register online, please visit or Facebook: