Signs of the times: USC Upstate hosts booth at annual American Sign Language (ASLville) event

April 5, 2013 at 4:10 pm

USC Upstate hosted a booth at the 3rd annual ASLville sign language immersion event on the Spartanburg Community College campus on Saturday, March 30.  The event featured workshops, lunch, and multiple opportunities for students and community members to use and enhance their sign language skills.

Booths are hosted by different groups, and are set up to represent different businesses and areas within ASLville.  Participants have a list of questions they must ask using only sign language at the booths, which are staffed by people fluent in American Sign Language (ASL).

USC Upstate’s booth was a mock veterinary clinic where participants could get information about a variety of pet issues.  Samantha Gilreath, senior USC Upstate Psychology major, and Heather Young, Certified Interpreter, managed the popular booth.  Joining them was Samantha’s 6-month-old deaf puppy, Annabelle, who Samantha has trained using sign language.  The booth was a big hit, especially with Annabelle, sporting her Spartans bandana, as the “star”!

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