Emergency call boxes located across campus

May 24, 2013 at 10:30 am

Your safety and security while on campus is our number one priority. For this reason emergency telephones are strategically located around campus to provide immediate communication with University Police. Emergency phones are of two types: a stanchion stand-alone phone with a blue light located at the top of the stanchion, and a wall mounted phone located at many entrances to campus buildings. Wall-mounted phones are also equipped with a blue light at the top of the telephone enclosure.  

Please keep in mind that emergency phones are not restricted to just emergencies; they can also be utilized to report suspicious incidents or people, request medical assistance, request a police escort or ask for directions. Emergency phones are activated by either pushing a red button on the face of the enclosure, or lifting the handset off the telephone cradle. In both instances, the phone will automatically dial University Police and connect you to an operator. When an operator answers your call, be prepared to:

  • State the reason for your call
  • Provide your location
  • Provide your name

Emergency Telephone Locations

  • Academic Annex parking lot
  • Administration Building (East side of building, West side of building)
  • Burroughs Child Development Center (front door)
  • College of Arts and Sciences (CLC side entrance door)
  • Campus Life Center (Front entrance, Lower entrance to cafeteria, Library side entrance)
  • Cleveland S. Harley Baseball Field
  • Dr. Lawrence E. Roel Pavilion
  • Frank Cyril Softball Field
  • G.B. Hodge Center (Front entrance, Media side entrance, Library side entrance)
  • George Dean Johnson, Jr. College of Business and Economics (entrance to building near parking garage)
  • Health Services (front entrance)
  • Health Education Complex (Palmetto House side, Smith Farmhouse side, URC side front doors facing North Campus Blvd.)
  • Horace C. Smith Building (Library side entrance, Circle drive entrance, Smith parking lot side)
  • Humanities & Performing Arts Center (CLC side, Parking lot side, Circle drive entrance)
  • Kathryn Hicks Visual Arts Center (front entrance)
  • Library (Parking lot side)
  • Quad (front entrance)
  • Media (ETV door, CASB side door)
  • Palmetto Villas (Building 3, Building 5, Building 6, Building 9)
  • Rampey Building (front entrance)
  • Smith Farmhouse (parking lot)
  • Tennis Courts (front of the building)
  • University Readiness Center (Front entrance, Soccer field side)
  • University Services main entrance
  • University Police main entrance