Freshman Program Aims To Demystify Classroom Environment

August 19, 2013 at 5:59 pm

A student’s dream…classes with no homework! That’s part of the appeal of Class Previews, an introductory component of the new Agoge freshman initiative at the University of South Carolina Upstate scheduled for Wednesday, August 21 beginning at 1 p.m.

 Agoge is designed to immerse students in a series of activities that will help them identify individual strengths, skills and character, as well as recognize their potential.

 “Class Previews is a perfect fit to the objective of Agoge,” said Dean of Students Laura Puckett-Boler. “We want freshman students to understand the expectations and rigor of college classes and to also have contact with faculty before classes begin.”

 Each of the 20 Class Previews have been created by faculty members and offer a range of academic disciplines and interests. Suggested session parameters include spending the first half of the session leading a typical classroom demonstration and the second half discussing strategies for succeeding as a student at USC Upstate.

 “The idea is to demystify the college classroom environment while helping new students understand that being a student at USC Upstate can be both challenging and tremendously inspiring,” noted Dr. Abraham Goldberg, coordinator of Class Previews and USC Upstate assistant professor of political science. “Ideally, the sessions will get them excited about their academic work, while perhaps sparking an interest in a new topic.”

 Helping incoming freshmen understand faculty expectations in the classroom and learn more about different academic subjects is the ultimate goal of this new component which is mandatory for all freshmen.

 “Research shows that students have a higher likelihood of academic success if they connect with at least one faculty member,” noted Puckett-Boler. “We hope this component exposes our incoming students to new academic areas that they may not have studied before and that it will increase their understanding of academic expectations on the college level.”

 Subjects for Class Previews vary and represent topics such as, “What Your Teacher Is Looking for in a Writing Class,” “Get the Picture – A slideshow of Nursing at USC Upstate,” “A Dream and Mouse: Studying Disney,” “Contemporary Music Workshop,” “High School Is History,” “So You Think You Can Debate?: Quick Tips on Argumentation,” “Making Assumptions,” and College is Like Baseball: How to Get Those Extra Hits.”