Greek Week: USC Upstate Participates in National Hazing Prevention Week

September 26, 2013 at 9:41 am

The University of South Carolina Upstate’s Office of Student Life is participating in National Hazing Prevention Week as part of the university’s annual Greek Week festivities.

How can you participate?

Thursday, Sept. 26: National GORDIEday*

“I Stand Against Hazing Because…” Instagram Photo Campaign

Campus Life Center 2nd Floor Lobby, 11 a.m. -2 p.m. — participate in a photo initiative to show why you stand against hazing!

“Haze: The Movie” Screening & Discussion

Campus Life Center 310, 6 p.m. — On Sept. 17, 2004, Lynn Gordon Bailey Jr. (“Gordie”) was found dead at the Chi Psi Fraternity house at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He and his fellow initiates were “encouraged” to drink four handles (1.75 liter bottles) of whiskey and six (1.5 liter) bottles of wine around a bonfire in 30 minutes. Later that evening, he was placed on a couch to “sleep it off.” His brothers proceeded to write on his body in another fraternity ritual. He was found dead the next morning, face down on the floor. No one called for help. This is his story.

Friday, Sept. 27 : Wear Your Letters Day

Greek-affiliated Faculty & Staff are invited to “Wear Your Letters” to show your support for the Fraternity/Sorority experience at USC Upstate. Stop by the Office of student life to pick up a “Great Women/Men Go Greek.”