Upstate Grad Rory Scovel to Debut in Ground Floor Thursday on TBS

November 11, 2013 at 9:51 am

Rory Scovel as “Harvard” in TBS’ “Ground Floor.” Photo courtesy TBS’ Ground Floor

Going up!

Watch the new TBS comedy “Ground Floor” later this week and you may see a familiar face!

Rory Scovel, a 2003 University of South Carolina Upstate graduate, will appear as “Harvard”  at 10 p.m. Thursday on TBS.

Scovel, a communications major, said the experience has been “pretty surreal.”

“Just seeing the ads on TV is really strange,” Scovel said in an interview by email. “It’s been really great and fun since day one of shooting.  The excitement is awesome.”

Scovel’s character, Harvard, is the only character working on the ground floor at a major corporation who has attended college — community college. Harvard, who is the building’s IT guy, is sort of the “unpredictable weirdo” of the show, according to Scovel. Harvard is best described as a feisty know-it-all who has a secret crush on his co-worker, Jennifer, played by Heelan.

Scovel said that he landed the role of Harvard after meeting the creator of the show, Bill Lawrence, last August.

“He liked my standup and I think he thought I’d be a good fit for this character, Harvard,” Scovel said. “I went in and auditioned for it and I guess the casting people agreed with him.”

Scovel said the show has been picked and has at least 10 episodes that will air this season.

“I think a lot of people are going to really enjoy this show,” Scovel said. “It’s a lot of fun. So if they like fun, they should watch this show. It’s funny.”

The show also boasts “Scrubs” veteran John C. McGinley, a seasoned actor who has recently appeared in the TV show “Burn Notice.”

Scovel said that seeing how McGinley and Lawrence worked together during the filming of the show was a very educational experience.

“Seeing the two of them work and seeing how they work is really great,” Scovel said. ” They are both insanely successful in this business and it’s great to be around that.  Some of my favorite scenes in the series have been with McGinley.”

Since leaving USC Upstate in 2003, Scovel has appeared on the national scene via TV shows and in commercials. He’s also enjoyed a successful nationwide comedy tour.

But what’s next for Scovel and his career?

“I’m not entirely sure,” Scovel said. “After we wrap the show, I’m going to go back on the road and do some standup.”

Scovel played his final three seasons of college soccer at USC Upstate after spending his freshman year at Central Florida. He was a defender for head coach Greg Hooks from 2000-02 and helped lead the Spartans to a 46-12-2 combined record. His teams won two Peach Belt Conference Tournament championships (2001 and 2002) and advanced to the NCAA Division II Tournament in 2002.