Campus Police Remind Drivers to Lock Vehicles, Take Valuables Inside

February 12, 2014 at 6:48 pm

In the last two weeks, four thefts from vehicles parked in the North Parking Lot across from the Rampey Center have occurred.

In each case, USC Upstate police said stereo speakers and sub-woofers were taken from both locked and unlocked vehicles. No other items of value were taken. In incidents where vehicles were left locked, the suspects would smash out windows using a window punch to gain entry.  To date, all of the vehicles victimized were either trucks or SUVs.

The thefts have all occurred at nighttime during periods of severe weather, police said.

Students are encouraged to lock their vehicles and refrain from leaving property and items of value in plain view.

If anyone has any information on these or any other unreported thefts, please contact University Police at 503-5911.