Stock Your Digital Toolbox with Fun Ways to Teach, Learn

April 27, 2014 at 10:00 pm

Need to Stock QEP Step UpYour Digital Toolbox? Don’t Miss the QEP Symposium scheduled for May 14-15 in the Health Education Center.

The annual symposium is designed to help create a technology fluent campus by showing faculty, staff and students the latest and greatest in digital platforms that will boost not only productivity, but creativity both in and out of the classroom.

Dr. John Burney, vice president for academic affairs at Doane College, will be the keynote speaker. Burney, a Nebraska native, will discuss “Role-playing, Engaging Students, and Overcoming Faculty Fears of Active Learning.”

The symposium also will feature presentations by faculty and students who have been teaching and learning in technology intensive courses.

Here are some of the topics to be discussed:

  • Teaching and learning with technology
  • Strategies to develop explore and develop digital literacy
  • Innovative projects for enhancing/enriching learning with technology tools
  • Exploration of new tools and practices for technology infusion in teaching
  • Course redesign to feature technology infusion
  • Experiences/lessons learned to inform teaching practice

View a full schedule here.

The event is free to USC faculty, staff and students, but registration is required. Community members may attend for $25. To register to attend the symposium, complete this online form.

Contact Cindy Jennings, director, QEP Student Technology Enrichment Program, for more information at (864) 503-5470 or

faculty and students who have been teaching and learning in our technology intensive courses as a part of the Student Technology Enrichment Program. In addition, we welcome a wide range of presenters (novice to expert, faculty, staff and students) and a variety of presentation formats. The symposium offers an opportunity to share and learn about innovative uses of technology in teaching and learning in the liberal arts and the professions. We hope to create new connections among all participants (faculty, staff and students) who are interested in exploring technology tools to enrich and enhance teaching and learning.