Soup’s On at Chapman Cultural Center on Saturday, Sept. 27

September 19, 2014 at 4:26 pm

Soup Day — the final and most important event in the 2014 Hub City Empty Bowls fundraising project – will be Saturday, Sept. 27, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. at Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg. Patrons will choose from among 1400 handmade pottery bowls and donate $15 for each bowl they want to take home. In addition to taking home keepsake bowls, the patrons will eat all the soup, bread, and tea they want, provided by 27 Spartanburg restaurants. All the while, they will enjoy free live music and the fellowship of knowing their patronage will help feed the poor, needy, and hungry citizens of Spartanburg.

Proceeds from this event will be directed to the Hub City Empty Bowls Project Fund, a component fund of The Spartanburg County Foundation established to increase awareness about the issues of hunger and food security, and to raise funds to help local organizations fight hunger. This year’s beneficiary organization is TOTAL Ministries, an established local charity that helps people during the most desperate times of their lives. The goal is to raise more than $20,000 for TOTAL Ministries.

This is the sixth year that Carolina Clay Artists, a local organization of potters, has coordinated an Empty Bowls campaign in Spartanburg. For several months, the public has made pottery bowls at either Spartanburg Art Museum at Chapmen Cultural Center or the West Main Artists Co-op. Participants paid nothing to make the bowls: professional instruction and clay were provided at no cost. The bowls – some being refined and professional, others being child-like and rustic – were then glazed and fired, and are now ready to be the centerpiece attractions of a day of fundraising.

“I think we are ready,” Nancy Williamson, chairwoman of Hub City Empty Bowls, said. “We have the bowls, the soup, the music – now all we need are hundreds of people to come out and participate. I have faith that once again Spartanburg citizens will come out to this fundraising event that has earned a reputation of being one of the most trusted grassroots fundraisers in Spartanburg. You can rest assured that the money you donate for bowls will go directly to the people who need it the most. The entire project was made possible through volunteers and the goodwill of local restaurants, artists, and musicians.”

Empty Bowls is an international phenomenon that has virtually no administration. It is a concept that has spread globally with the simple mission to make pottery bowls as a means of raising money to feed local hungry citizens.

In addition to the bowls, soup, and live music, the event will also feature two drum circles and a silent auction. “We try to make this as wholesome and down to earth as possible,” Williamson said. “The drum circles help create a sense of community, and the silent auction is just another way for people to participate. Many of the silent auction items are highly artistic pieces of pottery,” Williamson said.

The restaurants donating soup this year are:

II Samuels

Andre Nguyen

Back Porch


Bull Hawg’s

Chef Bill McClellan Catering Services

Cribb’s Catering

Cribb’s Kitchen

Farmer’s Table

Fatz (Pottery Road)



Lime Leaf

Monsoon Noddle House

Moveable Feast

NuWay Restaurant and Lounge

Palmetto Palate


Sparks Fire Inspired Grille at Marriott

Sun King

Wild Ace Pizza and Pub

Willy Taco

Other food donors are:

Cakehead Bakery


Little River Roasting Company

Long Horn’s

The Beacon


Mark Miller of Wheresville Productions is in charge of the event’s entertainment. Here is the line-up…

11 a.m.… Outdoor drum circle, calling people to the event

11-12 p.m.… Anna V

12-1 p.m.… Fayssoux

1-2 p.m.… Indoor drum circle with Melisa Emkjer

2-3 p.m.… Not Even Brothers

3-4 p.m.… Grey Ally

4-5 p.m.… Josie Pettit Band

5-6 p.m.… Brianna Hamilton Band

Event Sponsors…

Chris Williams, Chapman Cultural Center, Spartanburg Art Museum, West Main Artists Co-Op, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, Action Printing, Wheresville Productions, and Carolina Clay Artists.

For more information, please call (864) 316-6559 and/or visit