A Warning on Job Scams from University Department of Public Safety

January 23, 2015 at 9:57 am

Several recent e-mails have been sent through the University e-mail system touting employment opportunities with little work and enticing salaries.  Due to the high volume of people seeking work, these various employment scams have taken in a few seeking extra earnings.  Some of the warning signs of these unscrupulous offerings are:

  •  Asking for you to run errands and work as a personal assistant doing such things as mailing packages and picking up deliveries with the promise that nothing is illegal.
  • Distributing calendars or other items via the post office.
  • Asking for you to deposit a check into your account and then issuing a check to another party to pay some purported fee.  The check issued to your account is fraudulent and fails to clear and you become liable for the amount.  No legitimate company will request for you to act as a go between for their transactions.  Especially be wary of anyone asking you to mail a check to a foreign country or PO Box.
  • Asking you to utilize one of their services such as resume writing or other offerings to assist with your job search.  These are simply companies trying to increase their clientele and have no better chance of finding a job for you than you do on your own.

The bottom line is “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is”.  If you have any questions regarding the legitimacy of a job offer please call Sherry McAdams at the USC Upstate Career Counseling Center at ext. 5393.