New Black Lives Matter Course Tackles Issues of Race Relations

January 12, 2015 at 12:08 pm

In the aftermath of controversial grand jury findings following the death of Michael Brown, Jr. and Eric Garner some members of the faculty engaged in conversations with their students about the significance of these decisions and the relationship between African Americans, law enforcement and American society generally. It became clear that these recent events provided an opportunity to discuss issues related to current status of race relations in the United States.

To that end, on Mondays from January 12 to February 23 from 6-8 pm Drs. Cassandra Jones, Laura Jennings, and Carmen Harris are offering a one-credit current events class on the Black Lives Matter Movement. The course is cross-listed as AFAM 198, HIST 198, and SOCY 198. The final exam is on February 27. Each section has twenty seats available. The course will include lectures from the professors and invited guest lecturers and discussions. Among the topics that will be discussed are the historical development of racial identity in the US and the history of race and policing. the representation of blackness as supernatural/outside of what is human, using sociological theory to understand power relationships between groups, and the importance of social media in these campaigns.

The course is open to USC-Upstate Students, students of other colleges, faculty, staff, and members of the community. Any individual who is not a regularly-enrolled Upstate student should contact the admissions office for further information on how to enroll.