Spring Training Opportunities Available to Faculty, Staff

January 19, 2015 at 8:30 am

Want to sharpen your skills? Take advantage of some of the opportunities available to faculty and staff without leaving campus!

Training Opportunities include:

1/26   Passport to Retirement Workshop, Part I                               2/9     Human Face of Big Data-film

1/27   Passport to Retirement Workshop Part I                                2/9     Security for Mobile Devices

1/27   Skills Upgrade Workshop – Microsoft Outlook                     2/9     Password Boot Camp

1/28   Skills Upgrade Workshop – Microsoft Excel                           2/27   Situational Leadership

1/29   Skills Upgrade Workshop – Microsoft Word                         3/3     Green Zone Training

2/3     Passport to Retirement, Part II                                                   3/27   Social Security Workshop

2/2     Passport to Retirement, Part II

Interested? For more information, please visit www.uscupstate.edu/offices/planning/training

For additional questions, please contact Lisa Caggiano at 503-5886 or lcaggiano@uscupstate.edu. Remember you can follow @USCUpstateTraining on Twitter for more information.