Heart of Upstate: Dr. Angie Davis Supports, Encourages Students

February 27, 2015 at 11:26 am

Alice Rodriguez was rather intimidated by Dr. Angie Davis, associate dean of the Mary Black School of Nursing Greenville Campus, before she really came to know her due to Davis’ reputation of being a really tough teacher.

After having Dr. Davis as an instructor, Alice quickly learned a different side of the nursing faculty member.

“Dr. Davis is a kind, humble woman,” said Alice. “She is a great teacher who made the harder subjects easy to understand.”

Alice credits Dr. Davis’ teaching style as being one that helped her get a good foundation. “If you don’t have the basics you can’t build on it.”

Alice found support and encouragement from Dr. Davis both in an out of the classroom. Dr. Davis nominated Alice for a scholarship that helped her a great deal financially with textbooks and travel to nursing clinicals. When Alice was trying to get her husband a green card to allow him to live and work in the U.S. permanently, it was Dr. Davis who helped her work through the monumental paperwork process.

Dr. Davis is a professor who made a difference in Alice’s life.

“In every aspect that I can think of school wise, financially, and even personally she has helped me out,” said Alice. “I’ve never had an instructor who showed so much interest in helping out her students. Where ever she can help, she’s there.  Dr. Davis is one of those people who wants to help but doesn’t want the recognition. She does it because she cares.”