Heart of Upstate: Student Says Wanda Cromer is Driving Force Behind Her Success

February 21, 2015 at 11:34 am

USC Upstate Wanda Cromer and Aleesha Wilson Heart Week 2015Wanda Cromer is much more than an academic advisor to Aleesha Wilson.

“She is more like a second mom,” Aleesha said. “She helps motivate me. Without her, I would be a lot worse off. I want to make her proud because she believes in me so much.”

The two developed a special bond when Aleesha changed her major and they talk a few times a week now.

“Miss Cromer is always ready to motivate me when I need an extra boost,” said Aleesha. “She inspired me to try harder to improve my grades and she is the driving force behind my success this semester.”

Always prepared to make sure that Aleesha has what she needs to succeed around campus, Miss Cromer has given Aleesha a granola bar and money for something to eat when she hurried to her office without breakfast. She has also invited Aleesha to workshops for scholarships and improving grades and provided assistance to Aleesha’s roommate.

“Miss Cromer has gone out of her way to say that even though she’s not my advisor  now, she’s my friend and her door is always open ,” said Aleesha. “She has made me feel really good and I know that she really cares about me as a student.”