Herald-Journal: Students Discuss Faculty Delaying Vote of No-Confidence

February 4, 2015 at 12:36 pm

USC Upstate’s Student Government Association led a forum Tuesday, Feb. 3 for students to discuss and ask questions about the current political climate on campus after faculty proposed a vote of no confidence for Chancellor Tom Moore last month.

History professor Paul Grady, chair of the university’s Faculty Senate, explained to a group of about 30 students in attendance what a vote of no confidence would mean for USC Upstate. He said the faculty considered such a vote due to ongoing issues with transparency, lack of communication and funding and program cuts by Moore and university administration.

Grady said the proposed closure of the university’s Center for Women and Gender Studies late last spring and the closure of Burroughs Child Development Center later in the summer focused public attention on the political climate at USC Upstate.

“They weren’t the first issues and they’re not the only ones,” Grady said.

A faculty survey indicated that roughly 60 percent of faculty have concerns about the university’s leadership and that there is a lack of trust between faculty and a lack of transparency.  ***Note: Of the 245 faculty members who received the survey, only 159 responded to the survey.

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