Herald-Journal: USC Upstate team working on plan for gender studies center

February 5, 2015 at 3:34 pm

There has been some question at USC Upstate about its status, but yes, the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies is open.

The diversity task force appointed after the outcry from the center’s proposed closing last spring has recommended it remain open in its current form and increase its $7,850 operational budget by $6,500 “to create a stable source of funding for co-curricular and advocacy programs,” according to the task force report, USC Upstate spokeswoman Tammy Whaley said.

After the task force finished its report last fall, University of South Carolina Upstate Chancellor Tom Moore implemented a diversity implementation team to determine how the recommendations in the task force report will be carried out, Whaley said. The team is expected to release its report early next month.

“USC Upstate and its administration is very committed to an atmosphere of diversity, inclusion, and civility,” Whaley said Wednesday in a written statement. “Having our students feel accepted and that they have a safe environment is of the utmost importance. The number of students who are pursuing a minor in women’s and gender studies has nearly doubled since last fall, which is very encouraging since some may have perceived the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies had closed.”

The center offers Upstate students a quiet place to study and hold programs on feminism, LGBT issues, women’s history and related topics, center director Lisa Johnson said.

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