Women Faculty Collective to Meet Twice During Semester

February 18, 2015 at 1:56 pm

The Women Faculty Collective (WFC) will meet twice this semester. Although this group aims primarily to encourage networking and community-building among women faculty members, both events are open to all faculty and staff. The film screening is also open to students and community members.

Wednesday, March 4: Motherhood in Academia, Dr. Colleen O’Brien (3 – 4 p.m., CLC 319)

Rule #1 for Women in Academia—Don’t Have a Baby. Or so ran the headline in Slate magazine, June 2013, soon after the publication of an important empirical analysis by co-authors Mary Ann Mason and Nicholas Wolfinger called Do Babies Matter: Gender and Family in the Ivory Tower. Surprising no one, it turns out that babies do matter, but in different ways for women and men in this profession. For the next meeting of WFC, Dr. Colleen O’Brien will present her preliminary research on the impact of having children on the careers of women in academia in general and at USC Upstate in particular. Coffee, tea, and dessert pastries will be provided by Academic Affairs.

Wednesday, April 15: The Hunting Ground, Dr. Lisa Johnson and Ms. Katie Howe (3 – 5 p.m., Tukey Theater)

The problem of rape as part of the university experience for far too many women is not a new topic, but there is a noticeable push right now to call for new paradigms of accountability, as a number of universities (including Coastal Carolina University) are facing Title IX investigations into the question of whether rape and other forms of sexual assault/harassment are being handled properly. Featuring a documentary that premiered at Sundance in 2014, this film screening of The Hunting Ground, cosponsored by the Women Faculty Collective and the Office of Health Education in the Division of Student Affairs, brings this conversation to Upstate. The film screening will be followed by a brief panel of responses and a Q&A period.