Have You Completed Your OSHA Training?

June 11, 2015 at 4:00 pm

Occupational Safety and Health Administration trainings are mandated by federal regulations, and should be completed annually by all faculty and staff with a score of no less than 80%.   OSHA reporting runs on a fiscal year which ends June 30, 2015.  Any testing done after that date would be included in 2015-2016’s records.  If your score for any module falls below 80, it is easier to retake the test right then while you are still in the program to save yourself time.

All safety training can be accessed from the University’s website.

Or you can click on Faculty & Staff on our main webpage, click Training, then OSHA-Employee Safety and Risk Management Program, and scroll down to the appropriate Training Log for your position.  Please return your completed and signed Training Log sheet to Lauren Greene, Admin. Building #302.  A certificate of completion will be sent to you for reference.