Learn to Protect YOU During Our Personal Protection Training Series

September 8, 2015 at 11:12 am

The Department of Public Safety’s Personal Protection Training Series begins this week!

The department will host crime prevention and personal safety classes which includes a new topic each month.

September’s offering is “Protecting Your Identity and Recognizing Con Artists.”

Reserve your spot with Glynda Miller at ext. 5309. Seating is limited.

Classes include:

Protecting Your Identity/Recognizing Con Artists

Class dates:     September 8, 2015   5:30pm   Shugart/Stoever

     September 9, 2015   12:30pm   Shugart/Stoever

The objective of this class will be to discuss ways to prevent your Identity from being stolen and what to do if your identity is stolen. We will also discuss how to prevent falling victim to Con Artist and Scams.

Sexual Assault/Dating Safety/Online Dating

Class Dates:     October 6, 2015  12:30pm Stoever

                                                               5:30pm Shugart

The objective of this class will be to look at sexual assault on campus and at home and ways to prevent this from happening to you. We will also discuss Dating Safety and Online Dating and ways to prevent you from becoming a victim.

Fire Prevention and Safety

Class Dates:       November 4, 2015   5:30pm         Stoever

                             November 5, 2015   12:30pm       Shugart

The objective of the class is to give helpful tips to students, faculty and staff on how they can prevent fires from occurring in their homes, on or off campus apartments, or dorms. We will look at the most common causes of fires, the statistic, how to prevent fires in each environment discussed and various cooking safety tips

Personal Safety

Class Dates:           December 1, 2015         5:30pm       Shugart

The objective of this class will be to look at ways to protect yourself while at home, on campus and in the resident halls.


Shugart JamesMarty Shugart is currently employed as a police officer with the University of South Carolina Upstate. Moreover, he enjoys twenty eight years law enforcement experience. This includes eighteen years with the Union County Sheriff’s Office; ten of which he served as Investigator. He was also employed eight years with the South Carolina Department of Corrections, where he also worked as an Investigator. He has completed Basic Investigator Training, Homicide Investigator training, Latent Fingerprint training, Interview and Interrogation, Crime-Scene Photography, Advanced Gang/Graffiti training, Sexual Assault/CDV interviewing, as well as Critical Incident First Responder. Marty is also a specific skills instructor. He has worked with blue collar, as well as white collar crimes, and has investigated everything from misdemeanors to felonies, including homicides.

Hannah Stoever 2013 Law Enforcement Officer University Police Police Services Bldg 5269

Hannah Stoever 2013
Law Enforcement Officer
University Police
Police Services Bldg

Hannah Stoever was born and raised in a small town in New Jersey. She moved to South Carolina in 2009 to attend Bob Jones University and obtained her Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. While in school she also worked campus security directing traffic at Bob Jones’ elementary school, high school, and university. She was also employed by a private security company working at various sites in Greenville. She accepted a position at the USC Upstate Department of Public Safety as a Police Officer in the summer of 2013 and graduated from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy in December of 2013.