New Staff Members Join the Spartan Family

October 28, 2015 at 12:35 pm

Please welcome our newest staff members to the Spartan Family.

Javier Rivera is a digital media designer. He began work in Media Services/ITS on Oct. 5.

Jana Gordon is a tutoring coordinator. She began work in the Student Services Center on Oct. 5.

Laura Yaffe is an administrative assistant in the Department of History, Political Science, Philosophy and American Studies. She began work on Oct. 5.

Sam Bingham is an institutional reporting and data analysis administrator in the Planning Institutional Research and Metropolitan Studies Institute. Sam began work on Oct. 8.

Terrence Wyatt is a counselor. He began work in Counseling Services on Oct. 12.

Justina Oliva is an administrative assistant. She began work in Language, Literature and Composition on Oct. 20.

Alyssa Dickerson is an administrative assistant. She began work in the School of Education on Oct. 26.