Technology Requests Should Be Made by March 14

February 15, 2016 at 11:26 am

Information Technology & Services, in partnership with the Information Technology Advisory Committee, extends an invitation to all faculty & staff to submit requests for technology projects that will directly benefit students.  We have set aside $125,000 of the 2016-2017 Technology Fee funds to address as many requests recommended by the IT Advisory Committee as possible.

The purpose of this initiative is to encourage innovative use of technology in or out of the classroom to enhance current teaching and learning practices.  The funds are derived from the Student Technology Fee budget, therefore priority will be given to requests that have the largest impact on students, are associated with the QEP STEP-UP program, are tied directly to the units and are tied to the universities strategic goals.

If you are interested in making a request, please fill out the online Technology Request Form 2016-2017, by March 14th.  The form will be routed via email to your department chair, dean or division vice chancellor for their approval. The form must be approved by 5:00 pm on March 14th to be considered.  Feel free to upload any additional information needed to justify your request and assist the IT Advisory Committee as they perform their evaluation.  Be sure to list all required equipment, software, installation or services and identify whether the items have any recurring costs; for example annual maintenance for software would be considered a recurring cost that you would be required to work into your budget in the following budget years.  If you need assistance developing an accurate budget, please check out the following link  or email the Help Desk at  Any requests requiring facilities remodeling or furniture will have to be approved through a separate facilities request.