USC Upstate Art Education Senior Exhibition

April 12, 2016 at 6:23 pm
Greg Bowling

By Greg Bowling

The Curtis R. Harley Art Gallery and the FOCUS Gallery at the University of South Carolina Upstate will host ART LIFE, the 2016 Art Education Senior Exhibition on Monday, May 2 at 4:30 p.m. The exhibit will be on display through May 27.

Four students are exhibiting works created over the course of their college experiences and each have their own approach and ideas concerning art. ART LIFE features work by Greg Bowling, Ethan Carroll, Erica Hickerson, and Grace Jerome.

Greg Bowling’s strengths in art reside in drawing and construction. He describes drawing as “a natural movement of the body, an extension of the mind and an outlet for emotional overflow.” His most recent series concerns the construction industry’s adverse effects on society’s ability to be effectively sustainable.

Ethan Carroll

By Ethan Carroll

Ethan Carroll describes his style as centered on nature. He mimics the dichotomy between human emotions and symbolisms, and human separation from nature in artificialities.

Erica Hickerson specializes in drawing and painting. She describes her series, which focuses on abandoned places and objects, as “. . . attention to the rough details of what is left behind and allow the audience to expand their thoughts about the reasons why things are abandoned.”

Grace Jerome has created pieces through traditional 2D methods, sculpture and computerized mock-ups. Her favorite style is realism, but hopes that each of her future students will find their own niche in art.

By Erica Hickerson

By Erica Hickerson

Art Education at USC Upstate is accredited by NASAD and NCATE, the two major national accreditation organizations foe design and education, and offers a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education degree that leads to an initial certification to teach art in K-12 schools. This practical preparation of qualified individual is designed to provide graduates experiences in studio art, art history, educational theories and dispositions that will prepare them to teach effectively.

By Grace Jerome

By Grace Jerome

For more information, contact Mary Lou Hightower, associate professor of art education, at or 864-503-5817.