PokémonGo Gives Virtual Look at USC Upstate

July 7, 2016 at 4:14 pm
Pidgey was hanging out in a hallway in HPAC.

Pidgey was hanging out in a hallway in HPAC. Courtesy Brandon Mimnaugh

Check it out!

The new PokémonGo is officially live in the United States and it’s creating a little fun for the USC Upstate community, too!

The game available to both Android and iOS users will give you a virtual look at our campus and features computer-generated sound, video, graphics and GPS data.

You will be able to capture Pokémon as you walk around USC Upstate’s campus, through the hallways of buildings and approach objects on the grounds. You will also be able to locate, catch, fight and trade Pokémon with other players nearby.

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