Lampe Presenting at EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

October 26, 2016 at 5:04 pm
Michael Lampe

Michael Lampe

Michael Lampe, instructional design specialist at the University of South Carolina Upstate, is presenting “360 Degrees of Learning: Technology and Active Learning” on Wednesday, October 26 at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference in Anaheim, CA.

“Building an active learning classroom can take many turns when it comes to choosing technology,” said Lampe. “Instead of what new technologies should be in these classrooms, we will explore the 360 degree placement of technologies in a classroom that fully takes advantage of active learning pedagogy.”

In Lampe’s session the participants will be able to discover challenges associated with active learning classroom design, identify the needs of faculty and students from assessment data, and explore teaching methods utilizing a 360 degree classroom design lens.

In his role with USC Upstate’s Department of Learning Technologies, Lampe has gained experience participating in the building of the four active learning classrooms with three very different styles. Conversations and consensus with participating faculty, academic leadership, and private partnering venders was necessary to address the moving variables that make it challenging to purchase appropriate technologies. For example, while wireless connectivity displaying can be very popular among faculty members and private venders are wanting profit from such a purchase, there may be challenges regarding the stress such a device’s inconsistencies can have on the IT Help Desk and networking operations.

“Communication is absolutely important to ensure all sides are considered when choosing the technologies. However, sometimes the conversation stops at what technologies should be purchased. The conversation should continue on how the technologies should be placed in the classroom.

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