USC Upstate Welcomes Students During Opening Day

August 20, 2017 at 1:35 pm

At right, USC Upstate student James Parham, a member of Spartanburg Baptist Collegiate Ministry, prepares helps parents move their child into her room.

Watching the University of South Carolina Upstate’s Opening Day is sort of like observing bees as they work — it’s a flurry of activity.

Volunteers moved boxes, clothes, microwaves, bookshelves, and even what appeared to be a full-sized fridge Sunday at USC Upstate.

More than 800 freshmen arrived for move-in day with another 300 upperclassman scheduled to join them in the next couple of days.

Upstate faculty, staff and upperclassmen volunteered their time and their muscles to welcome students and to help them move in.

Dr. Brendan Kelly takes time to pose for a photo with a group of sorority members.

Parents and family members were shocked as people helped not only unload their cars, but carried the load to their student’s room.

“This is wonderful,” one mom said as two members of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry stopped to asked if they could help. “Really? We never expected help.”

John Montemayor, assistant director of Student Life for Fraternity/Sorority Life and Leadership Development, has helped move hundreds of students into their new USC Upstate homes over the last 14 years, but this year he focused on one student. This year, he was just another Dad, moving his daughter, Jordan, in for her freshman year. 

“She could have gone anywhere,” Montemayor said. “She chose USC Upstate.”

Classes begin Thursday, Aug. 24.

Did you take photos during #OpeningDay? Remember to #USCUpstate and you may see them flash up on one of the digital monitors around campus.