Nursing Professor Tapped to Speak at Annual Event in Bermuda

November 28, 2017 at 1:44 pm

Dr. Lynette Gibson

Dr. Lynette Gibson, a professor of nursing and director of research in nursing at the University of South Carolina Upstate, will make history early next year as the first nurse-scientist to deliver an address at Bermuda College’s annual Corange Science Week.

The weeklong event helps increase awareness of the school’s offerings in the sciences, and also provides a platform from which native Bermudians who live outside the British Overseas Territory can showcase their work in a variety of scientific fields.

Gibson left the island of Bermuda in 1978 to study nursing at the Medical University of South Carolina, but said she returns regularly to see her father, who she described as a “healthy, active 96-year-old.”

This trip, however, will be much different. As the guest speaker, Gibson will address several audiences, including students in secondary schools, a master class at Bermuda College comprising both BC and senior-high students, and the general public during an open lecture.

“I’m very excited and I’m humbled, because I left Bermuda to come [to the United States] to nursing school, and I had planned to go back, but it didn’t work out,” she said. “I really want to give back and share with the community there and the students about research: the significance of research; how to engage in research in schools; things like that. And I’d like to share with the public the importance of hope and also about early detection of breast cancer.”

Her overarching message will focus on different aspects of Gibson’s research into surviving breast cancer and breast cancer screening.

“I’m really interested in sharing hope as it relates to breast cancer,” she said. “My topic is ‘There’s Hope: Saving Breasts and Surviving Breast Cancer.’ Hope was really the main key to [breast cancer patients’] psychological wellbeing or their ability to cope psychologically with breast cancer. The literature supports hope as being a major factor in survivorship from breast cancer or other cancers. If a person has hope, there’s a better chance, even of survival, but also of the ability to cope psychologically.”

She said that “when people have hope, they can see life as a challenge, not a burden.”

The 2018 Corange Science Week will be from Jan. 29-Feb. 2. Bermuda College is a community college in Paget Parish, Bermuda.