11 Faculty Receive 2018 Research Initiatives for Summer Engagement Grants

February 23, 2018 at 12:59 pm

Eleven USC Upstate faculty members are recipients of the University of South Carolina’s Office of Research Awards 2018 Research Initiative for Summer Engagement grants.

The RISE program provides financial support to pay for summer salary, research supplies, travel related to research and undergraduate student support. Twenty-four faculty members from throughout the USC system will receive funding for their summer research projects.

The recipients from USC Upstate are:

Recipient Name Project Title





Andrew Beer

Effects of Escalated Exposure to Information on Accuracy of Personality Judgment





Ona Egbue

Dynamic Modelling and Control of Electric Vehicle Integration into the Smart Grid





Toshua Kennedy

Lessons Learned from BEE Healthy: An Intervention Study Applying Peer Support among Students, Parents, and Teachers





Thomas McConnell


Historical Fiction as a Distant Mirror: A Southern Novella to Illuminate the Present

Allison Pingley

Life in Transition: Examining the Impact of Communism in Hungary





Matthew Placek


RISE – Social Media and Regime Support in Russia: Does National Origin of Website Used Matter?
Shannon Polchow Dyslexia and World Languages: Navigating College Requirements in South Carolina





Monica Shehi

Investigating the Emergence of the Discipline of Composition in the Albanian Higher Education System Under the Influence of the American Model





Nolan Stolz

Presentation at the Third International Conference of the Progect Network for the Study of Progressive Rock (Lund, Sweden)





Carolyn Webber

Working in the Margin: Domestic and International Minority Women in Higher Education





Wei Zhong

Applying Big Data based Multi-level Deep Learning Frameworks to the Development of Malware Detection Systems