FEMA Grants Assist with SpartAlert Improvements

April 30, 2018 at 9:55 am

Grant money will assist USC Upstate in upgrading the University’s existing SpartAlert Emergency Notification System.

A grant totaling $ 144,340 awarded through FEMA will help with the implementation of an automated/integrated system called Alertus that will notify students, faculty and staff about impending severe weather, natural disasters, active-shooter situations, power outages and other emergency through the installation of three high-powered outdoor speakers.  In addition, notification messages can be sent to cell phones, emails and desktop computer.

“This grant is a big step forward in our emergency notification system,” said Klay Peterson, USC Upstate chief of police. “It gives us the technology to notify our community members engaged in outdoor activities of severe weather conditions and other emergency situations such as an active shooter. This is a one-button system that will integrate with our SpartAlert Emergency Notification System.”

The grant also includes the installation of several electronic signage boards across campus in areas and in areas where a high-density of students congregate.

For more information, contact Chief Klay D. Peterson at kpeterson@uscupstate.edu or (864) 503-5254.