A Message from the Chancellor

August 1, 2016 at 8:00 am
Chancellor Mary Anne Fitzpatrick

Mary Anne Fitzpatrick

I am honored to be serving as the interim chancellor at USC Upstate and to be entrusted with leading USC Upstate during this transitional time period.  USC Upstate is of great importance to the state of South Carolina with its special metropolitan mission to serve the Upstate region.  For more than a decade, USC Upstate has been ranked as one of the best institutions in the Southeastern United States.  The University boasts a learning and teaching-centered culture with faculty and staff who are devoted to serving all students, including a demonstrated commitment to underserved student populations. The faculty and staff work together to provide an educational experience of the highest quality with an emphasis on academic initiatives and student service programs to prepare students for success in and beyond college.

As a public institution, we are ever mindful that we serve the community through research and creative activities that advance economic progress and cultural development. Situated in one of the fastest growing regions of our state, with a strong industry presence, the success, growth, and achievement of USC Upstate is vital to the University of South Carolina and to the state of South Carolina.

I have a great foundation to build upon and tremendous talent to work with—there is an innovative strength and a collaborative spirit evident on our campus.  It will be my privilege to guide and nurture that spirit.

I look forward to meeting and interacting with students, faculty, staff, and alumni over the next few months as we work together to make USC Upstate an even stronger institution in the next decade.

Spartan Strong,

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Mary Anne Fitzpatrick
Interim Chancellor