Cast Your Vote for Freshman Class President!

September 3, 2010 at 6:00 am

Online elections for Freshman Class President will be  held from Thursday, September 2 until Tuesday, September 7 at 8:00 a.m. Each candidate is listed below with his or her platform.

The poles have closed!

Freshman Class President Candidates

Chelsea Brentzel
Major: Communications

I’m Chelsea Brentzel, a freshman at The University of South Carolina Upstate who wants to make a difference. I registered myself, as a candidate because I thought it would be a challenging yet exciting experience. I have the qualities to be your next freshmen class president. Being on student council, the president of youth in government, and an editor of the high school newspaper helped me develop these skills. I am a born leader and a great listener. I want to share my ideas but most importantly, I want the freshman student body to share their ideas. Most of you chose Upstate because of the great place it already is, but imagine making it even better? With an incoming class of around 900, all of us, intelligent, ambitious, creative and diverse students, together we have the ability to make something good, into something wonderful. I have very high hopes for the 2010-2011 academic year. I am here today, giving this speech because I believe Upstate needs a leader who will take charge and make changes happen. I am not afraid of the challenges that may and probably will come along with this position. I would like to make known that I understand that the role of class president goes way beyond the election, and that your voices should be heard by all of student government. Your opinions and ideas should be included on student government decisions. I want to be and will be the one who carries your voices into the student government, as long as you promise to tell me what you think, and only if I am elected. I hope I can count on your vote. Got Chelsea? Chelsea Brentzel does a Student Body Good!

Cherie Murray
Major: Elementary Education

We always hear people say that they are change. Promises made to everyone about the things they will do. But not me, I am here to do my very best at any task set for me. I am here to strive for the best of all freshman students. I am here because I am the best to represent this freshman class. I want to build an understanding for the freshman class. I want to bring courage, strength, and wisdom before we leave this year. But my ideas need your voice. This is the time to be heard. Because overall a vote for me is a vote for you. So vote for Cherie Murray and I can promise you this, I will do my very best to represent you.

Roger Michael
Major: Political Science

Hi fellow freshmen class members, for those of you that do not know my name is Roger Michael and I am running for Freshmen Class President. I come from a small town called Chesterfield, where everybody knows everybody. Most people from my town would say that is a bad thing but for me it was a great experience. Most of the people and organizations from my hometown know me because I’m a hardworking person and I am willing to help them in any shape or form. I was a SGA member, Vice President of the Beta Club, President of the National Technical Honor’s Society, and Design Editor of the Echo, which is my high schools yearbook. I received most of those positions through an election, but some of them also came from faculty nominations. It was very difficult juggling all of those positions but I did.

I’m very hands on, I love to be involved, I’m very warm and open hearted, and I am able to adjust to stressful situations. For example; a duty of being a Beta Club member was to help the police department with parking at all home football games, and as vice president of the club I ran to operation. Well after the first game I was the only Beta Club member that continued that duty. I didn’t complain or fuss with the other members; I just went and found some hardworking people that were willing to volunteer for the job. Being a leader is very hard work, and I know that, but that’s why I’m running for Freshmen Class President. I love challenges and hearing people opinions, I love to see the faces of happy people, and I just love being involved. My mom once told me that the one thing leaders misunderstand is that they are leaders so that they can help other people, not themselves. And that the leaders that succeed and go onto bigger and better things are the ones that never forget to give back to the community. The freshman class is my community, and my soul purpose for running for this position is to be the voice for the unheard freshman class, and to give back to fellow class of 2014. I am not the type to make promises I cannot keep, like getting school cancelled, but what I can promise is that if I am elected as freshmen class president that I will be a true leader, a great listener, and a hardworking participant of USC Upstate’s SGA. I am a small voice in a big crowd, but I am here to listen to my fellow classmates and to get their concerns and thoughts across. I want to be your voice to vote Roger Michael.

Lauren Williams
Major: Public Relations / Minor: Political Science

Hi, my name is Lauren Williams. I’m from Fort Mill, SC. I am very excited to be running for your freshman class President. I am a very outgoing person who loves meeting new people. I have a strong desire to be involved in anything I can do here on campus. I am now one of the proud new members of Zeta Tau Alpha. I also have plans of teaching cycling here at the Wellness Center. As you can see I love to keep myself busy. I have a sincere interest in the student body and doing anything and everything I can for Upstate.

One of my main concerns for the freshman class is communication. I want to be able to represent the freshman class fairy and as a whole. I know that at this moment I don’t know everyone; therefore it is one of my main goals to get to know as many people on a more personal level as I can. Also, I want everyone to know me for who I really am and not just as the person who represents the freshman class. I believe that keeping the doors of communication open is a very important aspect of being a good President. I can’t wait to hear the input of all the students. I have high hopes for the 2010-2011 school year and I’m ready to get started.

Also, I really want to encourage the entire freshman class to vote regardless if you are voting for me or not. I think it is really important for students to take this opportunity they have to choose who represent them. I hope that after learning a little bit more about me, you’ll see that I’m a perfect fit for your class president.