Harrington Publishes “Native American Approaches to Social Entrepreneurship”

August 23, 2018 at 2:44 pm

Dr. Charles Harrington, professor of interdisciplinary studies and coordinator of the non-profit administration program, recently published a book chapter entitled, “Native American Approaches to Social Entrepreneurship” in Mission Drive Approaches in Modern Business Education.

According to Harrington, few groups face more significant, complex, and difficult economic and social problems than those confronted by American Indians. Economic impoverishment, unemployment, exploitation of natural resources, a failing educational system, insufficient housing, inadequate healthcare, and loss of cultural identity all threaten the well-being of native communities. Social entrepreneurship has proven an effective avenue for the pursuit of tribal economic development, sustained economic independence, and sovereignty of Native American people. Native American social entrepreneurs have specific and unique characteristics which impact business decision making, strategy, and enterprise growth. American Indian entrepreneurs can leverage knowledge of their distinct history, institutions, indigenous culture, and local economic resources in order to add value to their social entrepreneurial ventures. The book was published by IGI Global and edited by Brent Smith at Saint Joseph’s University.