OfficeMax Enters 2nd Year as USC Upstate's Print Partner

August 4, 2010 at 12:32 pm

Sophomore Year: 2010  Presentation Breakfast

 OfficeMax ImPress held their sophomore year presentation breakfast in Rampey  Building on the Spartanburg campus on July 28, 2010.  In attendance from OfficeMax were:  Megan Freeman, ImPress National Account Manager; Amy Kessler, Account Executive for Office Products; Peggie Albrecht, Strategic Account Manager for ImPress; and Cherie Hitesman, Customer Service Representative for USC Upstate. We had a good turnout from the administrative professionals from both campuses and it was great visiting with everyone over breakfast. Congratulations to those who won door prizes!

Summarizing our meeting, here are the topics we covered on ordering print:

Placing your order – e mail Cherie at or call her at (864) 289-0002. Cherie Hitesman is your customer service rep and can help you with anything you need!

Electronic Form – there is an electronic form on our link on Upstate’s web site you may use to place your order too.  Please familiarize yourself with this form because even if you want to continue to e mail us as you have been doing, we do need the information that is on this form.  Please be sure, if using invoicing, that you have the correct fund number.

 Document Manager Website – We have web based solution already built for Upstate for the documents you use on a regular basis and want to order from a catalog from your desk top.  Call me to learn more!!  It is very easy to set up and simplifies ordering.

 Stationery Website – For business cards, letterhead, envelopes, note pads, and note cards, you may order from your web site. Go to Upstate’s web site, then at the top click on ‘campus services’, ‘printing’, ‘orders and services’, then go to order ‘business cards……’   If you do not see your specific department’s name on the drop down boxes or need an unusual sized envelope, we can help!  Call me!

Call me if you need me to walk you through it the first time. It is so easy to use!

Tammy Whaley then spoke about the correct use of the new logos which everyone found informative.  Please contact someone in Communications for approval before you have a document printed.  This is crucial to protect the University’s image and branding. 

We also have NEW retail connect cards for ALL faculty and staff that have BOTH printing and office product discounts loaded for when you want to come into the stores and shop. We will be delivering these next week.  Call Cherie if you don’t have yours by the time the semester starts. Finally, we have Retail Connect cards for students (gives them the same discounts faculty and staff receive on printing).  Please let Cherie know if you need some to hand out to students through your department.

 Thanks to everyone who attended!  Please call me if I can be of assistance to you in anyway! Peggie Albrecht, (864)567-2753 or